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Add PREVIEW in program with templates and random variables to have EXACT view of message. Now preview in IE dont use proper encoding and variables are empty :(

Pawel , 19.08.2012, 10:18
Response from the site administrator
KCSoftware, 19.08.2012
Good idea !
Idea status: in process


Pawel, 19.08.2012, 12:43
Thanks for adding this to a todo ;). There is also another problem witch encoding. When I use latin extended in address fields or message and change encoding to UTF8 - its dont send accents proper. Try to use text: łóść in sender name /email /message and encoding UTF8.
Net_watcher, 19.08.2012, 16:37
I would like to see a scheduling feature. This would let you send out the newsletter when your system is not as busy and put less demand on resources. A scheduling feature would also let you set up your postings in advance so you would not have to be sitting at your computer waiting for the distribution time to arrive.
This would help those who like to send out the newsletters at a certain time or day of the week, like a Monday Morning Game prediction. Or the best stocks to watch for this week.
Net_watcher, 19.08.2012, 16:52
A speed control feature would be good for large lists. I send out a lot of emails from a really large list. I usually have to break the emails into smaller groups to avoid the mail getting marked as spam. If you added a speed control to either pause after each message or send the larger lists out in smaller groups with a pause in between built in. That would save the problem of breaking large lists into smaller groups.
Net_watcher, 19.08.2012, 17:02
I would like to see a choice of templates available. Some pre-sets, easy to edit and save. This would save time when sending out newsletters to different lists. The template would have your basic setup form and all you would need to do is add your specific content. If you send out to a few mailing list, each one could use a personalized newsletter template easy to configure and send without having to input all your standard items before getting to your actual message.

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